Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) For Children in Solano County

Every Dollar  Counts

Burgess Family Farm, Inc. is a non-profit farm to serve high risk children that without a little support or guidance are at risk for going off track. 

We have been determined by the IRS to be exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). This means that donors can deduct any and all contributions they make to Burgess Family Farm, Inc. on your taxes under IRC Section 170. 

With that being said we run purely from your contributions and an all volunteer staff. We have set up a GoFundMe and eScrip accounts to make donating easy. Please be generous and give graciously to keep this program alive for children in our community. 

You can also sign up for an eScrip account, or if you already have one just add, Burgess Family Farm to your account. Not sure how to do it click the link before register either your credit cards and / or your phone number and then shop. Every time you shop we will receive money. It's quick and easy. 

GROUP ID: 500825816