• Personal accountability and responsibility to others - To create a caring and learning environment carries an obligation to hold ourselves accountable for our actions while empowering others to take responsibility for their actions.

  • Honesty and integrity - Being trustworthy is the best solution to distrust and fear and will help create the bonds essential for personal and organizational growth.

  • Respect for human worth, dignity and potential - All of us, regardless of our age or actions, have the capacity to change. Respect is directed at the person, not their behavior. We demonstrate respect through genuine care and concern.

  • Relationships - The degree and quality of the relationships we have with our co-workers, youth and families we serve, and the community we interact with, is more powerful than any technique or approach.

  • Build on strengths - Strengths are defined as a person's unique talents, knowledge and skills. Positive growth occurs when one's strengths are identified, cultivated and used rather than one’s faults and shortcomings. Persistence and perseverance - Change occurs when we are tenaciously committed to what can be done, not what can't be done. There is intrinsic value in challenging and productive work.

  • Optimizing resources - Responsible action is seeing that the right human and material resources are fully and efficiently utilized in harmony with their purpose. Type your paragraph here.
  • To help children before problems become worse. We target those children who may benefit from the use AAT / AAA;

  • To provide a catalyst for mental health workers that treat the whole child; and​

  • To provide the necessary support that child may need to be successful. 

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) For Children in Solano County

Our program is guided by 3 Core Principles: